Thursday, 8 January 2009

Family Silver and My Boeing Goes Home

Family Silver acrylic, canvas 200X250

Have you ever looked into an empty plate? Have you ever been hungry? Or, full?
That piece was made to illustrate how asymmetric the material world is in fact, and to state that our idea of harmony as of 50X50 is not much to do with real life. That is quite a monumental painting: 200X250. It was a part of Den Frie Selected Group Show held in Copenhagen annually. It was meant to be exhibited with another quite big piece (159X358) My Boeing Goes Home

My Boeing Goes Home 159X358acrylic, canvas

My Boeing Goes Home is literally is a plane with a dick on its way home (try not seeing your girl for five months and, I tell you, that's what it feels like). But the exhibition committee turned it down "having a premonition of imminent public disaster in case of exposure". Finally, their show had turned into a disaster for itself being the most dull and boring show I ever happened to
be a part of.

That boy definitely digs the piece...

so, does this girl...