Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Trinity (part two)

... some more Trinity:

I do like painting at Christmas time. I like a state of solitude. I like an idea that even a closest friend is far away and I am all alone. Filled with gratitude. Filled with magic like an air around. They certainly had a reason choosing that time of the year for the biggest holiday of christian world. If you ever have a chance to stay alone and focused at Christmas you might experience miraculous things. Quite a few of my personally favorite paintings were made at Christmas:

Three Lemons 146X162 acrylic, canvas 2007

When I am lost, I paint flowers. They put my feet back on the ground:

Three Flowers 171X126 acrylic, canvas 2008

from sketch book

A sphere of all geometrical figures is the one closest to eternity. A tennis ball due to it's design represents duality of eternity :

Three Tennis Balls 110X180 acrylic, canvas 2008