Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I have a special relation with Trinity. Through all my life, I am her great admirer.
Number three is unique. It frees harmony, interpreting it in a much more liberal way than, for example, number two (aimee mann speaks about it). This painting combines my great fascinations for the period. One of them, is certainly with classicism.

This Is Fucking Art 200X300 0il,acrylic,canvas 2003

Actual execution of that piece took me only six days, while preparation and study, in terms of joy, were much longer...
Watching people's reaction while painting was great. The other day a student popped up in my studio with a question, (I was teaching a classic drawing that semester) and drop dead in a doorway. Another one told me that if I intend to leave man's hand (upper right corner) on top of the girl's head, she would leave my class immediately...
Painting man's butt (middle left) was quite of a personal challenge. Happened not to spend my years staring at men's behind, I ended up having a brush in my right hand while using the left one to caress my tensed up ass for a right feeling of a movement and its construction.
I didn't have a title until the very last stroke. The second I was finished and was about to land on a sofa, all the talking inside my head ceased. After a second of silence, a clear voice announced: This Is Fucking Art, man! And it certainly is!

Raphael did Three Graces:

Raphael Three Graces 17X17!

Rubens did his:

Rubens Three Graces 180X220!

I did mine right after:

Three Graces 200X300 oil, acrylic, canvas 2003

Mine is the biggest!

(to be continued...)