Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mystery And Magic

I am sorry, I haven't touched that blog for some time. I was inattentive. Selfish (chasing fish in Mediterranean). Talking to the entire pantheon of Greek gods. Even in Croatian. Oh, water, my beloved universe, you are my passion. I could spend hours within you. You bring me the peace I seek. You teach me peace. The peace of a single breath. Today I announce my love to you worldwide.

Random people, even my boy, ask me what does it take to execute a piece? How long does it take? How much time?
That question has always puzzled me. I still don't know what to answer. What would it take you to empty the trash bin? It took me five days once.

What might be a minute for one, can take a century for another.
Time is not a public matter. It is private. A private act. Good half of private acts performed in the dark with the curtains down. Those hours are especially deceptive.

To execute a piece takes no time but mystery and magic. I know that none of a recognized school's system approves that but that's the fact.

Time is intimate. Probably the most intimate substance. Like breathing.

Though it took me a life time and a year to finish that piece. I never worked on anything so persistently. I ended up simultaneously painting on 4 similar size big canvases. Usually, I don't work on more than two at a time. I was changing the format from horizontal to vertical and back again about 7 times until I got what I wanted. Each of four canvas has at least three accomplished paintings underneath the final layer of paint they received. This particular piece, which is the final, has approximately 11 layer of solid paint. It weighs around 8 kg. It represents a fountain, my ode to water.

The Fountain 251X107